Learn The Metasploit Ninja Tricks

Metasploit is always a Hackers Best Toolkit we know it could sound confusing but remember after taking this course it will not be. You will be walked from the very basics to the advanced knowledge how to work on metasploit. After taking this course you will be certified with Certified TwinTech Advanced MSF Course.

Are you weak hearted we will not ask you to stay away from it ! you need to get in here and know the game!!

metasploit ninja

1.Intro to metasploit

1.1 Vulnerability
1.2 Exploits vs Payloads
1.3 Nopsled
1.4 Handlers
1.5 Zero day
1.6 Encoders

2. Installation

2.1 vmware
2.2 metasploit
2.3 metasploitable

3.Getting into action

3.1 Scanning (Reconaissance)
3.2 Gathering information
3.3 Enumerating services
3.4 Figuring out the whole game
3.5 Exploiting
3.6 Backdooring
3.7 Covering the tracks

4. Overflows

4.1 Buffer Overflow
4.2 EIP Overwrite

5.Advanced Exploitation

5.1 Hunting Bugs
5.2 SEH Overwrite
5.3 Memory protection bypass
5.3.1 ASLR
5.3.2 DEP
5.4 Rop Chains
5.5 Writing you own exploits

6. Using Metasploit to the core

6.1 Scanners
6.2 Fuzzers
6.3 Exploit dev tools
6.4 Debuggers (Immunity)

7. Post-Exploitation

7.1 Privilege Escalation
7.2 Kill AV and Firewall
7.3 Stdapi and Priv Extensions
7.4 Token Stealing and Incognito
7.5 Espia and Sniffer Extensions
7.6 Pivoting

8. Encoders

8.1 What is encoder
8.2 Killing Antivirus in their Zone
8.3 Encoders in Metasploit

9 Hacking Android Devices

9.1 Using trojans [RAT]
9.2 Infiltrate the device for calls, messages, contacts.